Saturday, May 21, 2016

Mike Henderson 1996 Edge Of Night

Genre: Blues
Rate: 269 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:34:33
Size: 65,35 MB

United States

Review by Jason Ankeny

Long one of Nashville's best-kept secrets, Mike Henderson's solo debut is all over the roots music map, flirting with Delta blues to honky tonk to gospel; opening with "I Wouldn't Lay My Guitar Down," which sports a riff ripped from the pages of the Chuck Berry songbook. Edge of Night is a showcase for Henderson's blistering guitar work and soulful voice, and what the record lacks in innovation it makes up for in immediacy.


01 - I Wouldn't Lay My Guitar Down 02:27

02 - Wherever You Are 03:44

03 - Nobody's Fault But Mine 02:41

04 - The Edge Of Night 04:20

05 - One Foot In The Honky Tonk 03:05

06 - This May Be The Last Time 03:58

07 - You're So Square 02:28

08 - Honky Tonk Vacation (Tribute To Waylon) 02:52

09 - This Property Is Condemned 03:52

10 - Take Me Back And Try Me 02:24

11 - Drivin' Nails In My Coffin 02:42

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