Friday, August 7, 2015

Vic Chesnutt 1994 West Of Rome

Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:51:59
Size: 95,09 MB

United States

Vic Chesnutt may well be the greatest popular music lyricist of his time. Awash with brilliant wordplay and allusion, his sad, funny songs reveal the complexities of individual consciousness to an extent that no other writer has done. After hours of listening to this album, you'll finally begin to realize his grasp of self, how fully he realizes the absurdity of life. "West of Rome" is his first masterpiece,a kind of folk tour through Athens, Georgia, that bohemian enclave in the heart of the rural South. Vic fights through the social gnats of "Soggy Tongues" while attempting to understand himself ("Stupid Preoccupations"), and the culture which he was raised in ("Bug"). Along the way, he notes in exquisite detail characters and situations that would "make a whale of a movie", a poignant, realistic one. Endlessy clever and inventive in rhyme, always sincere in emotion, "West of Rome" functions as the musical successor of Faulkner and O'Connor, and is a work of genius. (


01 - Latent - Blatant 03:20

02 - Bug 03:17

03 - Withering 04:27

04 - Sponge 03:32

05 - Where Were You 04:44

06 - Lucinda Williams 02:48

07 - Florida 04:29

08 - Stupid Preoccupations 03:23

09 - Panic Pure 03:08

10 - Miss Mary 03:17

11 - Steve Willoughby 02:14

12 - West Of Rome 05:02

13 - Big Huge Valley 03:01

14 - Soggy Tongues 03:33

15 - Untitled 01:44

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